Our Role & Impact

Our Promise

Sons of Charity Inc is dedicated to directly assisting child warriors and their families battling Childhood Cancer when they need it most, by providing financial assistance and or vital resources during their most critical treatment.



We firmly believe in the power of “Community” and therefore feel that these courageous kids are “our kids”, these families are “our families”.

Our SOC team works tirelessly every day with one urgent goal in mind: A unifying call to action towards the community at large on behalf of these affected families.  We strive to make progress in the following key areas by thoroughly evaluating client applications, opportunities to best serve the most severely affected families, and understanding the challenges through a cancer affected family-focused lens:

  • Childhood Cancer Awareness with an emphasis on Neuroblastoma (most aggressive & terminal among children)
  • Creation of a unifying “Call to Action” within the community at large on behalf of these affected families
  • Assisting and empowering as many Childhood Cancer fighting families as possible during their most critical medical treatment.


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