The Battle Cry has been sounded.

In the War on Childhood Cancer, we are many faces and many voices yet ~
it’s about one thing and one thing only. Our Child Warriors.
These Kids are Our kids, Their families are Our Families.
In this battle, there exists no room for distractions, politics or personal agendas.

Our kids are fighting for their very lives, some have paid the ultimate price, while others may not make it through the night.
We are a part of an amassing army who’s had enough. We fight for kids who think they are forgotten, and for those who feel they’re all alone.

We are Sons Of Charity Inc, We’re Not a Club ~ We’re a Cause. Riders of all ilk & creed, comprised of an entire community of friends, neighbors and difference makers. We are boots on the ground and fight proudly with our initial inspirations; Team Parker for Life & The Kylie Rowand Foundation, who’s respective, courageous fighters Parker Shaw and Kylie Rowand, shone the way that we would come to follow.

We now fight with many other childhood cancer support groups, research centers, warrior kids and their families, to shout with a rumbling waterfall of sound that 4% IS NOT ENOUGH, for our tax payer funded National Cancer Institute (NCI) to set aside for Childhood Cancer Research. This MUST Increase. We are losing our kids to this conquerable beast.

Enough is Enough, these courageous kids can’t afford to quit and neither should we. Join our collective fight and help in your very own way. You’d be surprised the difference you can make, starting on this very day.


Thank you for your support in this fight,

~ Sam Diego

SOC Founder

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