A United Front, in the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

An inspiring morning….
SOC’s founder, Sam Diego had the honor of breaking bread with two generals in the war against Neuroblastoma and childhood cancer as a whole. Bree Rowand mother of Warrior Angel Kylie and Crystal Shaw, mother of Parker Shaw.

The Kylie Rowand Foundation, Team Parker for Life and Sons Of Charity Inc. Three distinct organizations with respective missions yet one powerful, collective reason for existing: Our Child Warriors and their Families.
A local, united front that will band together with a joint call to action, during the Childhood Cancer Awareness Month of September. Details coming soon so stand at the ready to make a difference as an individual, as a community, as a family and as a soldier in the battle against the beast that has claimed too many precious lives. If you’ve ever wondered “what can I do?” then stay tuned. Your answer is coming very soon.
SOC is blessed to know these moms who’ve shared their respective battles as families with the world around them, in order to educate and inspire us to help turn the tide in this fight for a cure, even as we assist as many families as we can during their courageous kid’s critical treatment.



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