Sons Of Charity is dedicated to inspiring community solidarity by directly assisting families battling against Childhood Cancer and other life impacting illnesses as Motorcycle Riders & Classic Car Enthusiasts for the Greater Good by producing Classic Car and Motorcycle Shows, Rides, Concerts and other Family Friendly Community Events that directly benefit our adopted families who apply for assistance with our 501c3 Non Profit Charity. We serve as “boots on the ground” for families of child warriors who are currently undergoing critical treatment, assisting them with financial aid and or resources where we can. We are a grassroots, San Diego based organization with hopes to keep growing and helping as many warrior kids as possible. Sons Of Charity Founder and CEO Sam “Diego” Mejia is an alumni of National University’s Sanford Institute of Philanthropy. Sam is supported by a professional board of directors with deep roots in the non profit charity world.  Sons Of Charity believes in community solidarity, team work, commitment and integrity when it comes to the fight for these courageous children. These innocent kids and their embattled families serve as our sole inspiration for the work that we do every day. Currently the National Cancer Institute sets aside a mere 3.8% of every cancer research dollar for child cancer research. Our kids deserve more than four pennies. We stand in solidarity with all child organizations and support the #MoreThen4 campaign urging our our federal government and the  NCI to increase funding. In the meantime we at Sons Of Charity will continue to serve as boots on the ground, standing side by side with our adopted families, directly assisting them where they need us most.


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As open road enthusiasts and through the love of motorcycles rides and classic cars, we provide financial assistance to Individuals & Organizations in need, lessen the burden of government in caring for them, Strengthen & Unite families, foster Self Reliance, Self Sufficiency and Community Solidarity at large with Motorcycle Rides, Classic Car Shows and other community events.

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    A United Front, in the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

    SOC is blessed to know these moms who’ve shared their respective battles as families with the world around them, in order to educate and inspire us to help turn the tide in this fight for a cure, even as we assist as many families as we can during their courageous kid’s critical treatment.

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    The Battle Cry has been sounded.

    Our kids are fighting for their very lives, some have paid the ultimate price, while others may not make it through the night.
    We are a part of an amassing army who’s had enough. We fight for kids who think they are forgotten, and for those who feel they’re all alone. We are Sons Of Charity Inc.

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    Boogie Magazine Rocks!

    Thank you to Boogie Magazine for hosting an exciting and fun Jam Session this past Saturday at Proud Mary’s Southern Bar & Grill. A great time was had by all who were able to attend (just check out the photos to see proof)! Proceeds from this event were graciously donated to Sons of Charity & the monies collected will go directly back to the kids and families who are so courageously battling childhood cancers.

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    Senator Joel Anderson Joins The Fight Against Childhood Cancer

    SOC would like to thank Senator Joel Anderson for coming out to Cancerstock 2015 and joining our fight against childhood cancer. It was an epic event that united many a grass roots organizations such as Team Parker 4 Life, The Kylie Rowand Foundation, Go Gold Global and many others who have declared war on this aggressive beast